Sunday, April 19, 2009

Introduce Ma-Self!

My Name is 'KON KIM'


I'm '20' years old (in 2009)

I'm going college in 'SARASOTA, FL'

I'm attending "Ringling College of Art & Design"

My Major is 'Game Art & Design'

 I was born in Seoul and Grow up in korean small town Gang-neung*
From K-garden to 8th grade I lived in Gang-neung.

 Gang-neung was small town, but I had good experiences in there.
I got lots of friends, and town was next to East Sea of Korea, so I could see a lot of sea animals and could eat lots of sea foods( I LOVE SUSI& SASIMI)
I also learned how to swim. I begin swimming when I was kinder garden and I stopped at 2nd grade, because my swimming coach moved to another city. When I became 3rd grade, I gained a lot of weight. I think it was because I stopped my only exercise, swimming.

 When I become 7th grade, I was really fat. the reason why I got fat was stress. I got a lot of pressure from educational system in korea, and I keep ate a lot of food when I got stress. Korean Educational system, it makes all korean teenager study too much and get rid of free time for them. (In Middle School, we have some free time, but we spend all that time to get private institute.) 

 Whatever, when I become 9th grade, I moved to capital of Korea, Seoul* I was still fat at that time and I was extremely shy boy. because of those things, I had hard time during 9th grade. I didn't have much friends and I spend lot of time to play computer game and watching Comic books. I also had hard time to get used to be in Seoul, because it was so different with small town Gang-neung. After graduate middle school( which is finished 9th grade in korea), I finally got used to be in Seoul and I entered the high school. It was not bad time when I was in 10th grade, and I made some good friends.

 When I become 11th Grade, I lost little bit of weight. And after 1st semester of 11th Grade I decided to go study abroad. And I went to Florida. Because my uncle(mom's brother) lived in town called 'bradenton'. I went school, Bradenton Academy, and I restart from 10th grade, because I was not good at English. I still had shy personality, but I got changed by experiencing
high school life in Bradenton and my uncle's effort. I also loss a lot of weight because I started doing exercise. In korea, I didn't have time to do much exercise, but in U.S. I had a lot of free time. 
 During 3 years in Bradenton Academy, I got changed physically  and Mentally. And Senior year, I decided to go Art school and admitted in Ringling College of Art and Design. Actually
when I was in middle school I was dreaming to be a Cartoonist. because I love to draw and watch cartoons. But my parents didn't like about that idea at that time. However, my uncle and aunts supported me and persuade my parents, and thanks to those support I could get in Ringling College of Art and Design.

This is my Life before Ringling College.

*Gang-neung si -


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