Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ringling College of Art & Design!!!

Ringling College...
Its the one of Art college which is famous in Computer Animation Major.
And this is the one where I attend Right now!
At High school Senior year, I decided to go Art School, because I love drawing and designing and If I can get a job on what I love to do, I was sure that I can be the best on it. I was so interested in Animation majors and I heard a lot of Art Schools that they are famous with Animations. But Some Teacher and my family advice me about  Animation majors. What they told me is that Traditional Animation is now going down and it will be hard to earn lot of money if I try to work on there. And they suggest me about Computer Animation. So, I found the Ringling College of Art and Design, which is the best in Computer Animation and it also close to my uncle's house where I lived 3 yr during High school.
After I decided to admit Ringling College, I was thinking to choose Computer Animation Major. Because It was the most famous major in Ringling and It also looks fun to me. However
when I write the application, I saw the new major, Game Art& Design, and I got interested in that major. Game Art& Design was in the Computer Animation Major, but Ringling college Divided them to two majors(Computer Animation and Game Art&Design). So, I decided choose Game Art& Design and Admitted as a Game Art&Design student. And I accepted as a Freshman in Ringling College of Art and Design. When I knew that I got in Ringling college first time I was so happy because it was only college I put my application.

 Now, its almost end of First year in Ringling college and I might be not comeback to school for 2 years, because of Military Service in Korea. I had too much fun in this place and met lot of awesome Friends. I never had this much fun in my life... So, I will miss this place a lot... and I will miss all my friends in here, too... Even if I never been other art school, what I think about the Ringling College of Art and Design is the best art school ever.

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