Thursday, June 2, 2011

After Army....

I finished my military service at 5th of May, 2011

It was my independence day!!

and I thought I can go back to Ringling College right after Army....

"BUT" I got bad news about readmission....

They don't have empty spot on my major....T_T

Now, I decide to find other way to go back....

Ok let's work on it!

I can't waste my another yr because of STUPID MILITARY SERVICE!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Now its 1week and 3days passed...

I met some korean friends and ate a lot of good food...

When I met my friends, my friend asked me about my college life, and at that time

I couldn't stop talk... because I experience lots of things and had so much fun with Ringling Friends. I start talking about how much fun I had in college at 3PM in cafe and I stop talking about it at 8PM in bar...

When I ordered pizza, I ordered domino pizza...Korean Domino pizza was so different with American Domino pizza... Korean one has more menus... so I was trying new type

At that time, when I saw Domino and Eating that pizza...

It reminds me$5.55 deal... and my Ringling Friends...

especially L.N.C.

When I watch TV, in one tv shows, ppl talk about one of best honeymoon place...

It was "Maldives" that reminds me, my BFFF "Mauroof!"

When I watch TV, in another show, one guy was little....I mean the guy shorter than girl.... that reminds me, my lil bro "Jaun"

When I watch TV, on the movie channel, they show one was "Alexander" and that name reminds me two "Alex", "Alex Terry"and"Alex Garey"

When I play basketball, I using basketball shoes, which called Jordan...and that always reminds me JOJO "Jordan!"and basketball always reminds me fastest guyin Ringling "Curtis!"

When I chat with my one of korean friends... she said she's in another country was taiwan... and that reminds me two ringling sisters, "Sara Lee" and "Claire Huang"

What I mean is I already miss U guys so bad!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Family in Ringling: Late Night Crew!

"A true friend is one soul in two bodies." - Aristotle.
I love that quote, because I think friend is one of most important person in our life.
And During Freshman year in Ringling College, I made a lot of friends and some friends are like a family to me. The friends that I think as family members are Late Night Crew Friends!

Now I introduce Late Night Crew Family. 

First -Brother "James Simmons." [major: IL]
 James is the biggest brother in L.N.C. He is oldest one, and he now a lot of things. He is boyfriend of Laura Kajpust, and he is roommate of Alexander Terry. He doesn't have any class with me in 1st semester, but sometime he helped me to do writing by proof reading. And 2nd semester he had Art history class with me and he helped me a lot when I take exams. I didn't hang out with him not that much, but I think he is cool big brother in L.N.C. (He is oldest brother in LNC...So, over 21 and....heheheheheXD)

Send -Brother " Alexander Terry." [major:AD]
 Alex is the 2nd oldest brother... and Actually today is his 21st birthday!(May 5th, 2009) So now I just want to say this first! "HAPPY BIRTHD Terry Alexander!"
 I met him at the Zombie game, some how it was first time that I met him. And we went starbucks with  Mauroof, Jaun, and Sara Lee. Alex was planing make a quidditch club and we was discussing about that. I think, that time was the birth of Late Night Crew. Alex hang out with us a lot during 1st semester and we had lot of fun! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Winter Break. During  winter break Mauroof and I went  Texas and thanks to Alex we had fun.
2nd semester everyone was busy so we couldn't hang out as much as 1st semester but still we are brothers! (He is from TEXAS! don't mess up with him! heheXD)

Third -Brother "My roof!" (Mauroof!) [major:ID]
 Mauroof is the Moldavian brother and he is same 20 years old like me. I met him in the orientation at the first time. But we didn't talk until Zombie game. 1st semester everyone hangout in mauroof's room a lot cuz his roommate was gone and it was perfect place for everyone to work and play. We could watch lot of movies thanks to Mauroof cuz he getting a lot of new movie in "dark side way" =P I think he is the guy who always attend most of LNC gathering. He also spent most of winter break time with me cuz he went Texas with me. 2nd semester everyone was busy so Mauroof's place was so empty, and I become a his roommate. Because I didn't want to spend my time to go home and comeback(30 min drive). Whatever I spent lot of time with Mauroof. I did surprise birthday party for him(His Happy and Surprising face was Priceless XD), we went ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL together, and we also went lot of events together. Mauroof is now my BFFF, but he is also my brother in ringling, too. (Roof try to make me piss off... and sometime he success... whatever thesedays when he say Fuck You guys like little jaun.... its so funny and also annoying! XD)

Forth -Brother, "Curtis Anderson" [major:AD]
 I think firstime that I met Curtis is at the basketball club. And I saw him a lot because he was a residence of Idelson hall and I was visiting Jin's room a lot. Later, he moved to bayou but I could see him a lot at the basketball club. It was so fun when I play sports with him. He play most sports in Ringling like me so I could see him easily if there is sports going on at the camous. 1st semester I think I saw him every fridays. 2nd semester I didn't play much basketball, but he was hang out with us. Whatever he is the Sportsman! and he is one of my bro! in Ringling College!! (He is friends with everyone in the school!!!)

Fifth -Sister, "Claire Huang"[major:ID]
 First semester Claire had  same writing class with me but we wasn't talk at the beginning, we didn't know each other well and she wasn't beginning member of LNC. She joined our gathering  at thanksgiving and I think that was time that she become LNC. During winter break Sara & Mauroof stayed in Claire's house and that time I could keep my Xbox 360 over there. (ah! I love Claire's cat bento! so cute!!!! 0.0!!) whatever at the second semester, Claire joined gathering more and we went disney with her family + Sara lee, and Melinda during spring break. Few weeks after spring break, my  car was killed by some  girl, after that thanks to claire I could get ride to a lot of placelike ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL!! I think I should say this to claire, "Thanks for a ride a lot!! Your the one of coolest girl in Ringling!!" (She has AWESOME SHOES.... and nice t-shirts!!!!)

sixth- Sister, "Alex Garey" [major:GIC]
 I met Alex Garey at Halloween! She gave us a ride to Dinner and Party at the Halloween day. After Halloween she hang out with us a lot like going ihop at late night. She was at the most gathering in 1st semester. During winter break, Garey was in Sarasota, so when Mauroof and Sara lee was in town we went Bowling place together. And 2nd Semester she was busy too , so we couldn't hang out as much as 1st semester, but she keep contact with us by using FACEBOOK and ICHAT! We made BigBox gift for her, I was glad that she loved our gift at that time. During 2nd semester I think I saw her a lot in the parties some how haha =D. Whatever she is the Awesome friend and also  sister in ringling to me!(ah! Garey laugh a lot and her laughing is Hilarious) 

Seventh- Brother, "JO JO! (Jordan Dravis)" [major:GIC]
 Jordan is well trained GIC guy who now a lot about GIC so help other GIC people a lot. He is also so kind! He joined LNC at the one of our epic Ihop trip! First time when I saw him he was so similar to Alex cuz both of them has beard and it looks similar, but JOJO had glasses so I can distinguish who is who XP.  Jordan borrowed us some awesome Xbox360 games like Call of duty4 and Halo3, thanks to him we could play some 4 players games. JoJo help me a lot to get in Idelson hall during 2nd semester. Whatever He is really kind brother! He is really cool cool brother in Ringling! ( He is good at FPS and Racing game.... and I think he should be Game ART! XD)

Eighth- Brother, "Jaun  Nano(Raza)" [major:IL]
 Jaun was one of the begining member of LNC, he was always with us during 1st semester, but 2nd semester he was busy to hang out with other crew, it's right Jaun?... whatever 1st semester halloween time his costume was awesome winnie the pooh with some crazy stuff... hahaha. 2nd semester I had color class with him... only thing I remember about him in that class is "Jaun is sleeping when we doing critique." I think he is the guy who can sleep a lot.... because most time when I call him he said " I gonna take a nap..." or " dude I'm sleeping." whatever he is funny guy! and He is my little brother in ringling.( Ah! you know what? Jaun is 19yrs old... not 14yrs old haha XD)   

Ninth- Sister, "Sara Lee" [major:GIC]
 Sara is the one of the beginning member, too and she was the first member that I met. I met her during Orientation. before the birth of LNC, we played basketball with Hong, William Wong and others. At that time I was surprised cuz I never seen the girl play basketball like her except WNBA. Sara was the one who know most of people and I think LNC can be formed Thanks to her. If she didn't know Alex T, Mauroof, and Jaun, I couldn't know them, cuz she introduced them to me at the Zombie game. She was hang out with us a lot during 1st semester and 2nd semester she was busy, she was still hang out with us. She went disney and ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL with us and went some parties at the end of the semester. She is one of Hard worker at the school and she is funny. She is cool and fun! She is one of the coolest friend too and she is one of the coolest little sister in ringling!  (sometimes, Sara try to piss me off like mauroof, at that time I pretend as I didn't understand...XD)

This is the my family member in Ringling(L.N.C.)
During Freshman year, I had SO MUCH FUN at the school. It is thanks to all LNC members. I experience lot of new things and I felt happiness during hanging out with LNC.
Now, I will be gone for military service in Korea 2yrs, I'm sure I will b back to ringling, But still I will miss my LNC families.... and I want to say this to them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ringling College of Art & Design!!!

Ringling College...
Its the one of Art college which is famous in Computer Animation Major.
And this is the one where I attend Right now!
At High school Senior year, I decided to go Art School, because I love drawing and designing and If I can get a job on what I love to do, I was sure that I can be the best on it. I was so interested in Animation majors and I heard a lot of Art Schools that they are famous with Animations. But Some Teacher and my family advice me about  Animation majors. What they told me is that Traditional Animation is now going down and it will be hard to earn lot of money if I try to work on there. And they suggest me about Computer Animation. So, I found the Ringling College of Art and Design, which is the best in Computer Animation and it also close to my uncle's house where I lived 3 yr during High school.
After I decided to admit Ringling College, I was thinking to choose Computer Animation Major. Because It was the most famous major in Ringling and It also looks fun to me. However
when I write the application, I saw the new major, Game Art& Design, and I got interested in that major. Game Art& Design was in the Computer Animation Major, but Ringling college Divided them to two majors(Computer Animation and Game Art&Design). So, I decided choose Game Art& Design and Admitted as a Game Art&Design student. And I accepted as a Freshman in Ringling College of Art and Design. When I knew that I got in Ringling college first time I was so happy because it was only college I put my application.

 Now, its almost end of First year in Ringling college and I might be not comeback to school for 2 years, because of Military Service in Korea. I had too much fun in this place and met lot of awesome Friends. I never had this much fun in my life... So, I will miss this place a lot... and I will miss all my friends in here, too... Even if I never been other art school, what I think about the Ringling College of Art and Design is the best art school ever.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Introduce Ma-Self!

My Name is 'KON KIM'


I'm '20' years old (in 2009)

I'm going college in 'SARASOTA, FL'

I'm attending "Ringling College of Art & Design"

My Major is 'Game Art & Design'

 I was born in Seoul and Grow up in korean small town Gang-neung*
From K-garden to 8th grade I lived in Gang-neung.

 Gang-neung was small town, but I had good experiences in there.
I got lots of friends, and town was next to East Sea of Korea, so I could see a lot of sea animals and could eat lots of sea foods( I LOVE SUSI& SASIMI)
I also learned how to swim. I begin swimming when I was kinder garden and I stopped at 2nd grade, because my swimming coach moved to another city. When I became 3rd grade, I gained a lot of weight. I think it was because I stopped my only exercise, swimming.

 When I become 7th grade, I was really fat. the reason why I got fat was stress. I got a lot of pressure from educational system in korea, and I keep ate a lot of food when I got stress. Korean Educational system, it makes all korean teenager study too much and get rid of free time for them. (In Middle School, we have some free time, but we spend all that time to get private institute.) 

 Whatever, when I become 9th grade, I moved to capital of Korea, Seoul* I was still fat at that time and I was extremely shy boy. because of those things, I had hard time during 9th grade. I didn't have much friends and I spend lot of time to play computer game and watching Comic books. I also had hard time to get used to be in Seoul, because it was so different with small town Gang-neung. After graduate middle school( which is finished 9th grade in korea), I finally got used to be in Seoul and I entered the high school. It was not bad time when I was in 10th grade, and I made some good friends.

 When I become 11th Grade, I lost little bit of weight. And after 1st semester of 11th Grade I decided to go study abroad. And I went to Florida. Because my uncle(mom's brother) lived in town called 'bradenton'. I went school, Bradenton Academy, and I restart from 10th grade, because I was not good at English. I still had shy personality, but I got changed by experiencing
high school life in Bradenton and my uncle's effort. I also loss a lot of weight because I started doing exercise. In korea, I didn't have time to do much exercise, but in U.S. I had a lot of free time. 
 During 3 years in Bradenton Academy, I got changed physically  and Mentally. And Senior year, I decided to go Art school and admitted in Ringling College of Art and Design. Actually
when I was in middle school I was dreaming to be a Cartoonist. because I love to draw and watch cartoons. But my parents didn't like about that idea at that time. However, my uncle and aunts supported me and persuade my parents, and thanks to those support I could get in Ringling College of Art and Design.

This is my Life before Ringling College.

*Gang-neung si -